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The Avatars

The Avatars are absolute stand outs in the Midwest's underground music scene. Their live rock show is spectacular, and the group's original music is brilliant.The Avatars are a band with extensive experience in the studio and on the stage. They bring professionalism to everything they do. Based in the Midwest, The Avatars are in the process of expanding to new markets. They have shared the stage with such acts as Local H, Ozma (About A Girl Records/ Reincarnate Music), The Pimps (Honkey Kong Records), and Kid Gib (Subciety Fontana North/Universal Music Canada). They were featured on both Indie Eye ( podcast, and the Chicago area's Fat Recording contest. Their (self-produced) "Clockwork" was awarded Best Production in Indie Rock, week of 1 Aug 2005 and Best Beat in Indie Rock, week of 1 Aug 2005 on This hard working band shows no signs of stopping. The Avatars are creative, adaptable, experienced, and professional. The Avatars are creating some very hot underground music, and the group's past appearances at Mary's have been extraordinary!


Ian Zander- Vocals, Guitar
Mark Gustafson- Vocals, Guitar
Scott Ford- Vocals, Bass
David Doyle- Drums

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