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Creek Road Ramblers

We all either lived, hung out or played till dawn at good ole 1819 (street name omitted) for a while before the swirling vortex of musical energy manifested itself into an idea to learn and play some songs for a little birthday gathering and open mic performance at the infamous Plank Road Pub. Many hours of playing on 1819's grandiose porch helped, with many people contributing to the fun. So after jamming for a while, we figured, why not give it a go. So onto The Red Barn for more open mic sessions. That led to hosting an open mic every week at Plank Road for a couple years until its end. Those weekly jams helped us get our sound figured out and update our gear and P.A. until we started hitting the road for more adventures. So onward we go, remembering those good times and good friends who we long to pick with again.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us get where we are today. When it comes down to it, we are a group of friends who like to "Pick it & Kick It". We are blessed to be doing what we do and without our dear friends who got us here...... I guess we'd still be on the front porch of the one eight one nine. Thank you to: Cherry and everyone at the Plank Road Pub, 1819 W. Bradley Ave., Tammy Mitchell, Ian Goldberg, Shane - Riverfront Promotions, Jason - Miles and Miles Productions, Boo Dog, Kitty Boo, Sam, Rufus, Jorge Jones, Bridget - Groove-on, & everyone who's been there since we were "G String Bandits"

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