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The Reggie

Reggae Rock Rockers from the Rockford-towne. Brother Jon & the Positive Toaster are the founding members of the project circa mid 2007. In July 2007, they recruited Robby Red Locks, from Midwestern U.S.A. based reggae band, JAH volunteers. The ManTodd de Rocka, from local metal group Threshold was a I-ssential addition to the group soon after Red Locks joined The Reggie. Ras Paul (aka: Crusader Lion) showed up at The Waak yard in Rockford. Crusader Lion, in exile of his home state New Jersey, joined The Reggie and The Reggae Jackson faculty in early September 2007. Making his debut appearence with The Reggie on Friday, September 21, 2007.

At every single show, this battalion of high grade musicians excert themselves both spiritually and physically in an effort to carry out JAH MUSIC AND JAH WORD. The Reggie's link is a pure one in 2008. New, Fresh & Progressive. Continually the music will point to higher consciouness, good vibes and a better world, music for those who believe a better world is possible.

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