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Silence is Broken

Silence is Broken began after a few musicians from the Rockford, IL scene grew tired with their then-current musical projects, and decided to come together and create an original band with a shared devotion of time and effort to the music they create and the musicians they share the stage with.

This band is a band of equals; four musicians who are all driven by the desire to succeed by creating material that is accessible as it is musically impressive. Coming from diverse backgrounds and influences, the band creates a unique sound with inspiration ranging from the heaviest of Indie-Rock all the way to groove-ridden Metal, and all that's in between. The live show is fun and full of high energy, making every performance exciting to watch. They make new friends and new fans every time they touch the stage, after all: having a good time is what this band is about.

Silence is Broken has already played over 150 shows and has had the honor of sharing the stage with bands such as Nonpoint, 10 Years, Kittie, Smile Empty Soul, Sw1tched, Evans Blue, FiveSpeed,Dope, Classic Case, Five.Bolt.Main, Triggerpoint, A New Revolution, Black Stone Cherry and Allele.

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