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Harmonic Movement

Harmonic Movement is the culmination of 5 friends' love affair with music. Nearly a decade ago, along the shores of the Rock River, 2 brothers and their childhood friends struck their first chords together. Now after life has taken each individual on their journey, fate has brought them together again. Take influences of jazz, funk, rock, and reggae, mix it up, throw a groovy rhythm behind it, brilliant vocal harmonies, phat horns, funky bass lines, and melodic guitars and keys and what you'll have is only the best way to verbally describe the imaginative sound of Harmonic Movement. "That's been the question of the year," says the group. "When people ask us what kind of music we play, it's kind of difficult to tell them." One thing is for certain though; all questions are answered at one of their shows. It is truly amazing to see a room physically come to life with sonic energy and dancing bodies. "Two things that should always go together: music and dancing. It's the body's natural reaction to what the ear finds pleasing. You don't see enough of it these days." You will find plenty of it at a Harmonic Movement show. The next time you are out and catch a band, think about that "Rockford" sound. Remind yourself that the sound is starting to change, and it's starting with a new movement...Harmonic Movement.

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