Mary's Place Bar


The Goodyear Pimps

The Goodyear Pimps are easily the most talented and gifted raw live performers to ever come out of the Loves Park / Machesney Park area, and they've been doing it for so long they've perfected the ability to pull everyone in the bar into a giant celebration of alcohol and music. The Pimps are legendary in the Midwest for putting together extreme, over-the-top rock shows. The band's live rock show is so offensive and out-of-control they've been banned from the On the Waterfront festival in Rockford along with countless venues across the nation. The Pimps are absolutely terrible role models for kids: they're rude, they're crude, and inconsiderate of themselves and of others, and they're outstanding! And so it is that the rare combination of exactly the right ingredients of talent, extreme raw energy, music and production are merged into one of the magic moments of entertainment. The Goodyear Pimps live at Rockford's oldest bar is definitely a can't miss event!

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