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Ifficial Reggae Movement

The Ifficial Reggae Movement is a stand out musical group. With their explosive style and mesmerizing riddims its no wonder the band members always sport a smile on stage. Ifficial has taken the Chicago Reggae scene by storm! They have already been rocking shows all over the Midwest for years now while creating new and original music.

Livingston (Lead Vocals) has been surrounded by singers his entire life. As a child, his mother and father sang in churches all over his native island Jamaica. The Montego Bay born vocalist and songwriter has a very unique and impressive style that displays the smoothness of roots and lover’s rock, and the roughness of dancehall. Livingston’s goal each performance is to electrify audiences, keeping them wanting more.

Darryl (Bass) has been on the Reggae scene in Chicago for twenty years. He has played with some of the best in Reggae, including Frankie Paul, Nardo Ranks, Marcia Griffiths, and the legendary Dennis Brown. His entrancing bass lines are bound to reel you in and have you at the band’s mercy. Darryl a.k.a. Organized is also a dynamic singer and deejay that you won’t want to miss.

Judah (Keyboards) has been a fixture on the reggae scene since 1989 when he was then playing the Bass. Judah's father urged him to start playing the piano at an early age and he even formed an a cappella group called the Soul Crusaders, singing all over the Midwest. He gave up his music to pursue a career in business, but returned to his first love upon the death of his father. In 1997 he formed a band and since that time has also played with several local artists. Judah is also a composer of conscious music that will leave you inspired.

Dana is a newcomer to the reggae scene, but don't let that fool you. His enthusiasm will have you captivated. Dana comes from generations of drummers and has been greatly inspired by gospel music. Count on him being around for a long time with many great things to come!

Each of the band's members brings years of experience to create this extremely energetic and uplifting sound. The Ifficial Reggae Movement live at Rockford's oldest bar is definitely a can't miss event!!

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