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Daphne Willis & Co.

The fact that Daphne Willis is a skillful songwriter with an engaging voice should come as no surprise. She was raised in a household rich with the sounds of seminal songwriters like The Beatles, Elvis Costello, and Bob Dylan, among many others. She was immersed in every musical genre under the sun; her parents displayed and played everything from piano to pedal steel in the family living room. But Daphne has erupted, on her own, into today's musical landscape. She is smart, fresh and focused. Her words are direct, honest and clever - far beyond her 20 years; her vocals are entirely pure and engaging; and her subtle yet tasty guitar work completes the triple threat. Not often does one encounter a dovetail joint of thought and sound that creates such a nicely crafted edge. Her debut EP, "Matter of Time," expresses this maturity, featuring five lyrically driven tracks that combine Daphne's traditional influences along with the contemporary views and sensibilities she earned growing up and listening to the 21st century.

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