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Mad Daddy featuring Living Legend Preacher James Thomas

Preacher James Thomas has made enormous contributions to the Mary's live scene over the years. His effortless mastery of the electric guitar combined with boundless improvisational wizardry, makes Preacher an adored crowd favorite at the Mary's Place Open Stages. Many times people have come from out of town to the Mary's Open Stage hoping they might catch a glimpse of the Legend performing.

Long time Mary's bartender and Open Stage host, Jack Kooistra, had this to say about Thomas. "Preacher is the most charismatic live entertainer I've ever seen in my life."

Legend has it that Rockford's very own Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick learned how to play guitar by watching the master James Thomas perform at The El Dorado Club in the late 60's.

Preacher has played in numerous notable local groups including, The Major and The Lieutenants, Preacher and The Profits, Big Daddy Woo Woo, and The Backsliders.

Thomas has performed with countless highly acclaimed artists including arguably the greatest drummer of all time, Clyde Stubblefield.

Preacher's group, Mad Daddy blends blues, jazz, soul, funk, and rock into a delicious masterpiece of live entertainment that people can't get enough of. Mad Daddy features Preacher on electric guitar and whatever group of friends he decides to assemble for the gig. The good news is Preacher's friends just happen to be some of the top players in the area.

Mad Daddy's live show is full of surprises with an emphasis on over-the-top improvisation. One thing is for sure Mad Daddy, featuring Living Legend Preacher James Thomas, at the oldest bar in Rockford is a can't miss event. Catch it while you can, as often as you can.

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