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Unity the Band

These " Pioneer's Of American Reggae " began their movement basing their music on original "Roots,Rock and Reggae. This seven member ensamble comes from all area's of music to form " The Band "! It's promise is to deliver an Angelic ,Energtic, Diverse, Liberal and peaceful message to all nations throughout the world. Based on peace this promise was made and has never stopped;it will continue growing for Jah will provide.

Sometimes losing yourself in the moment feels so natural. The way that the vibe and the colors spiral around you may seem to have carried you into the outer spaces of the mind. You are becoming unaware of the surroundings, feeling comfortable enough to move in free flowing motion and having a jubilant smile placed with ease. The emotions that accompany these feelings are as original and unique as the place from which they are originating. The twinkling touch of the electric exchange that sparks twilight in through the deep purple illumination of the keyboard followed by the vibrant golden rays of the saxophone that project out, warming the ears, and create an almost magical feeling in the air.

Then comes the blues, one of our least favorite emotions but also one of the coolest musical experiences. When the guitar begins to play along, side by side with the others, it holds a feeling of tranquility in its blue emissions comparable to a day at the ocean. In the neutrality of the bass, if you listen closely, the beats that sound so simple are actually sharp green blades that shift quickly and with certainty. This allows for the beginning of the movement, countless bodies meshed together flowing as one body, until… They warm it up a little more. The conga drums create an orange beat that, like most things of this color, arrives loudly being welcomed by the ear because of its unique sound and accentuation of the fire. The rest of the drums and symbols are the fire, while not creating urgency they still are the driving force that get everything, that isn't already, moving. The mix of all these elements and emotions creates an atmosphere that lacks nothing. But the true value of these comes when the colors mix together and are looked at through a prism. On one side of the prism are entering colors and on the other side the pure white comforting light of their combination that comes through in the words that follow the rhythmic variations of the instruments. Not only does the music create an upbeat feeling in the air but also the people make each and every show a new and interesting event. Sometimes the crowd is similar; there are many people who just can't get enough, other times the crowd is completely different. But it doesn't matter if you've seen one or fifty shows because each show is played for the audiences content. Watching, listening, and feeling the crowd is something that this band has no trouble doing. They cater to the mood and the moment of the audience every time they play.

From playing their original songs to some of the classics we love, …the band gives those willing to listen a message of peace and . With their unique sound, quality, and style everyone can find something in them that catches their attention. With a limitless edge this band gathers from their prior performances in all different genres of music, it isn't surprising that they incorporate all of these prior performances in their current combination. Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Roots, Hip Hop, and Funk are just some of the styling techniques that are incorporated into the fun and exciting experience that makes up a Unity the Band easily makes up some of the most talented and gifted live performers in the country!!

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