Mary's Place Bar


H.M.S. Goliath

H.M.S. n. her majesty's ship

1) Midwestern rock pop born in a bar, fine tuned in the studio from the residue of other rock bands, power popped by original songs with folk like melodies, quirky arrangements, crashing bridges, handclaps, megaphones, slidewhistles, rickenbackers, telecasters, and overall musicianship that owe as much to The Kinks & Elvis Costello as they do to any great band you catch accidently for the first time on a friday night somewhere in the midwest.

2) 5 guys formed from pop rock residue a) Miles Nielsen: Songwriter / Singer / Lead Guitar / Megaphone b) Mark Muraski: Songwriter / Rhythm Guitar / Harmony Vocal / Slide Whistle c) Andy Scarpaci: Bass / Harmony Vocal d) Jim Westin: Piano / Keys / Harmony Vocal e) Tony Berkman: Drums / Percussion

Free MP3: Good Heart Sway

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