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The Blind Robins


Michael Whyte: Mike not only sings lead vocals and plays guitar but he pens the songs for The Blind Robins as he had for Aquavit, Pine Cone, and The Box Elders. Mike’s songs have also appeared on the album Land of Opportunity by E.I.E.I.O. and in the film Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. He is widely considered a benevolent malcontent who likes 100% agave tequila.

Dave Fleming: Dave has sat behind the traps for The Fossil Seekers, 5-Yard Load, Tools of Romance, Pine Cone, and Angie Crown. He’s married to a pathologist, which means we often have to shove aside in-transit organs and tumors while raiding the fridge for beer.

Mike Burns: Mike plays lead and slide guitar. Hoping to escape the cover band scene of Chicago, Mike comes to The Blind Robins with a wide range of musical influences. Although he trades his guitars weekly and has yet to take the stage twice with the same one, he has no intention of opening a pawn shop anytime soon. He's working towards lobbying to make the birthday of Johnny Cash a national holiday.

Bob Vodick: Bob plays bass, sings back-up, engineers and mixes The Blind Robins recordings. He’s a past member of Pine Cone, Aquavit, and Tools of Romance.

Free MP3s: By the End of the Day; William Jennings Bryan

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