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Fluid Minds

Life is funny sometimes. When you have a problem, you would swear you are the only person in the world going through it or has ever dealt with it. Especially when other people dont seem to care about it. Even when they offer a suggestion of what to do, it just doesnt sound or feel right.

Fluid Minds is an exceptional group of artists that know exactly what you are going through. In their new CD entitled, Love In Analog, they focus on the reality of what life is really about and how we all deal with the same issues. For example in the featured song, Johnny B. Bad, they let us know that we have all made some bad decisions when we were younger. From hanging around bad people to burning the bridges with our friends and family to even our battles with drugs and alcohol, we have all gone through it and wish we could go back and make different decisions. But life doesnt work that way as we learn in the song, Complicated. You are going to have unresolved issues in your life. You can try to figure them out the best you can but sometimes no matter how desperately you want a certain outcome, it just isnt going to happen.

However life isnt just one big series of problems, even though we may see it that way. In the song, Hear It, good things can happen to us when we learn to be patient. Through the darkness and uncertainty of life, there still is a light guiding us, even if it may be hard to see sometimes.

Fluid Minds is an interesting and insightful group of artists primarily because they are not preaching to you about what you should do with your life. They are helping you understand that we are all dealing with the same problems and issues. Your job is figure out what is best for you.

Recent opportunities:

  • 3 different Fluid Minds' songs are featured on Cartoon Networks' [adult swim] programming.
  • Songs 'Johnny B. Bad' & 'Come Back Ditka' from the "Love in Analog EP" have been featured on Chicago's major alternative radio station Q101
  • Multiple songs have also been featured on the extreme sports show Adrenalina on Fox Sports Espanol.
  • "Roadtrip Nation" a show on PBS is going to be using the track 'Organ Sauce'.
  • Fluid Minds were chosen to perform at Midpoint Music Festival, Millennium Music Conference & the M.E.A.N.Y. Festival

Free MP3: Johnny B. Bad

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