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The Rockford Funk

Nominated in 2005 and 2006 for their outstanding musical greatness in the Rockford Area Music Awards.The Rockford Funk display their skills while playing some of music's best songs, and an occasional original tune.

There are few names within the annals of music history that raise more eyebrows than that of guitarist, vocalist Eric Bergstrom. He presents himself as a whole, complete in a way that many of us can only sit by and acknowledge. Awards and praise are not his concern; honesty and hubris keep him grounded. Yet, he will act upon his feelings through song and soul.

Eric Bergstrom was born to the son of blue-collar urbanites whose dreams for their child did not accumulate, and he spent most of his youth realizing life through music. A close friend and session bassist along the way was a man known as John Breit.

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Eric and John became associated with a man known as Jason Jeras, who not only provided Eric and John with their first studio experience, he also shared a mutual respect for the art of playing music and a friendship was born between the three.

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Jason Jeras had his hands full drumming with lead guitarist Dan Trotter, a local kid with big ideas and a passion for expression. They had together gone through many line-up changes, especially bass and guitar. The exception being Miles Jackson who died prematurely of heart trouble due to his love of pork pie hats, and left Jason and Dan without a bass player to ponder the future with.... .... Until this Bergstrom guy was hanging out all the time and jamming with them.

And The Rockford Funk was born...

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