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DJ Wyldeone

In 1996 Troy Lynch aka DJ Wyldeone found a love for a music style that would change him the rest of his life. Starting off DJing at Stashes and then moving to The Times Nite Club he was introduced to the House music scene. From this moment forward he has lived the lifestyle of House music and has been a major player in the House music scene. Devoted to a scene that has spread worldwide. Working his way up through the ranks of the House music scene, DJ Wyldeone has rocked crowds of all shapes and sizes, from Radio stations to large scale events such as Waterfront, and residencies at all the major clubs in the area.

In 2000 he founded the largest electronic music site in Rockford, Liquid Digital Online. With participation and support of DJs around the world there is no doubt he is on top of his game. With his wide range of expertise there is no doubt DJ Wyldeone will move you.

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