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The Moment

Bored with the normal drum, bass, guitar limitations of bands they have played in previously, the members of The Moment began under the pretense of doing something different. Although they kept the standard rock band instrumentation, the addition of sequenced synthesizers and drum machines gave The Moment the challenge and the musical freedom they were looking for. Over the course of their four-year existence, the refinement of and explorations in their use of programming has set them apart from almost every band they have shared the stage with.

The Moment is more than just an exploration into personal frontiers. To the contrary, their live show has been described by many a fan as one of the best live acts they have seen. Not only are the members consumed by the music, but the audience is as well. More often than not shows become dance parties with everyone leaving sweaty and exhausted. The sonic bombardment ringing in ears and the pulsing beats thumping in feet are all that is left.

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