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DJ Jes One

DJ Jes One's hard work as a producer, DJ, and entrepreneur extraordinaire - combined with his positive attitude and dedication to help others in the music scene - has made him Rockford's most well known and successful DJ.

Starting his career in 1989, Jes One has played everywhere from the basement and attic parties of your neighborhood to full-scale events all over the Midwest. While keeping very busy working in the studio and at his own record store, DJ Jes One always finds time to venture across the country and ignite dance floors with his incredible sound.

DJ Jes One redefines the meaning of House with a funky fresh style and loads of turntabl-ist tricks. Never one to simply play a record, Jes One drops a cappella vocals over big beats, while blending, scratching, and chopping vinyl into one continuous collage of sound. Melting the sounds of funky house with bangin' techno keeps the dance floor movin' and groovin'! Jes proves again and again that he has more than just talent -- he is a true originator within the House Music scene.

In 1997 Jes One opened The Groove Shop, which became Rockford's most successful record store. The Groove Shop has an amazing selection of all kinds of vinyl, and "styles out" DJs from all over the Midwest with records and DJ gear. When it's time for someone to step up, Jes One makes things happen.

There is no stopping Jes One. With his long list of accomplishments, Jes not only strives for himself, but he is dedicated to helping the music scene succeed. The hardest working DJ in the Midwest is a man of passion and love for the music, and he has always been a helping hand. DJ Jes One is constantly handing out fliers to promote shows, and he can be seen at Mary's Place throwing events and frequently lending his support to Open Turntables on Wednesday nights.

The world can do nothing more than brace themselves for the explosion that is Jes One!!

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