Mary's Place Bar


The Black Sheep Aristocrats

The Black Sheep Aristocrats formed in 2004 when casual jam sessions united musicians with a love for free-spirited and genre-bending music.

Their unique compositions showcase each member's individual influences while simultaneously conveying a solid group feel. Memorable hooks that percolate with a strong melodic sensibility are at the core of their sonic brew. This is a music that fuses jazz, rock, fusion and funk into a diverse musical and artistic palette. From the straight-ahead rock fusion in their song Pleasure Being You to the swampy Cajun funk of Foul Mouth the BSA appeal to the music lover looking to discover something a little off the well-worn path. This amazing band has a heavy reputation for high-energy live performances and various band members can be seen frequently lending their talents to the Mary's Place Open Stage.

If you're in the mood to expand your musical horizons, The Black Sheep Aristocrats have just what you're looking for.

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