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DV8 started in early 2000 in Rockford, Illinois with Mat and Mike writing a few songs, kickin’ ideas around.

In 2001 Nigel started,after crawling from under the stairs a drummer was born. A few months after Rockin’ there was something missing. We needed a lead guitarist.

After months of searching high and low, we found Randy at a strip club, under a camel toe. In 2001 we recorded a 3 song demo CD. 2003 we put a couple tracks on Militia Underground Movement volume 3.

2004 we added a new singer to our band Dino.

This year (2005) we added a new member to our band, Bill Thebassman. Bill has alot of heart and love for music. This will be a great addition to the band and bring better things to come for DV8.

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