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Witch Beulah

Witch Beulah came together in May of 2004, with Joe Enna a traditional style drummer and Eric Morgan a singing guitarist form Texas. The two of us started out jamming; it wasn't long before we fell into a groove. We then needed to take the next step we needed to find the last missing piece for the puzzle. We needed a Bass player to complete this heavy blood dripping screaming double bass thumping machine. We needed a back bone to drive us, about five months later we found Tom Turnure. Tom wasn't new too the music scene having lots of experience in some other Rockford bands such as Jr Gray and Triple XXX. Being a bass player for over twenty years it didn't take long before we all started too gel together. With a massive sound and awesome stage presences, this three piece that will keep you coming back for more.

Witch Beulah sound comes form South Texas Death Rock it's a style Eric brought up here form Texas. The songs are about the sick and the twisted, they are to move you and put you in a better state to make you move to the sound in a free aggressive motion we are WITCH BEULAH.

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