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Gods Got Guns

Gods Got Guns, What is it? And what the hell does that mean? If you ask Jose Aguado that you may get a long diatribe of what's wrong with the world but as he says "In a nutshell, its my way of getting peoples attention at what goes on in the world especially now with subjects of faith and violence and how they both can be misconstrued"No they are not religious fanatics and no they're not the new spokesmen for the NRA rather one of Rockford's underground punk rock bands with venomous lyrics and hard guitar driven rock. Formed from the ashes of Spencer Park, G3 is no stranger to the Rockford scene dating back as early as 1993 when Jose Aguado and Adam Grieser played in metal band atonement. Now with a new lineup G3 has played in Chicago and Rockford and the Metropolis of B-town and are looking forward to kicking your ass with their brand of rock at a bar near you.

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