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7th Street Allstar

One of Rockford's most entertaining attractions, 7SA formed in Winnebago County, Illinois, U.S.A., in 2002. Notorious for their bombastic mix of country rock & hardcore punk. 7SA, an American rock super group, well known for their frequent outbursts throughout the Midwest, are a real piece of work! Imagine what four sweaty, greasy-headed, vitamin deficient dudes without any place of permanent residence would be like? Heck! Good thang that music ain't about looks or material possessions because 7SA sounds jus' like the way that they look. Beat down, strung out, & pissed off! Of course you would be grumpy, too, riding 500 miles a night plus in the back end of a poorly ventilated, cloudy, exhaust filled, broken down, rusted out, pick-up trailer that only seats two. Drum extrordinare, Andy O., the most hard headed of the group, pounds on the skins just as hard if not harder. Stu Manley is a man among men who some say is an expert on the unknown, and the undisputed world renowned specialist on bass picking warfare. You ever heard that ole' saying, "Beggars can't be choosers."? Well, Keith ain't too bad as a lead/slide guitarist. His hygiene is as down & dirty as his grimy guitar techniques. And last but not least there's Vince, the driver of the rusted out pickup, headed for disaster, is the self taught guitarist/singer. Behind the wheel his driving skills are as hectic as his squealing voice and wrecking guitar

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