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Obie Call

Obie Call is an original rock band from Belvidere, IL. They play a variety of styles ranging from punk rock to reggae to country. Obie Call was formed in 2001 from pieces of several popular local bands, including; Plesant Street, the Outer Proportions, Dist. 100, and the Hutchins St. Project. When this four piece takes the stage they put on a powerful/soulful show, that is sure to please.

David Slater, aka., Slatetrain, has been playing the drums for over 15 years. He provides the beat for Obie Call as well as lead/backing vocals. Dave has played in several area bands over the years, including; Flower Pot, Flog,Pleasant st., Hutchins st., the Outer Proportions, and the Acoustic Millennuim Band. He has won several performance awards, including; the Luis Armstrong Award, two IMEA awards, the All American Band Award, and has been nominated for several RAMI awards, (three in one year). Dave is an extremely well rounded player. He can play with almost anybody, in almost any style. Dave loves to play the drums and it shows. He also loves to sing and sings lead vocals for many of Obie Call’s songs and backing vocals for most of the rest. Dave plays, and sings, with the kind of soul and skill you can only get through years of experience.

John Picot, otherwise known as Dr. X, is the Lead guitar player for Obie Call. He also provides backing/lead vocals for the band. The good doctor has played in several area bands, over the last 11 years, including, Flog, Pleasant St., Dist. 100, and the Acoustic Millennium Band. He has won several performance awards, including, 2003 RAMI award (w/Acoustic Millennium Band), 2001 Best of Rockford, 1995 All American Band Award, several solo and ensemble awards in high school, three IMEA awards (Illinois Music Educators Assosiation), and was recently up for a RAMI award (Rockford Area Music Industry). Dr. X is a multi-talented muscian who can play, drums, keyboard, bass, and clarinet, but the guitar is his first love, and it shows through his skillful and emotional playing.

Pat Andres, or, the bottom line, plays the bass for Obie Call. He also provides backing/lead vocals for the band. Growing up in Belvidere, Illinois, T.B.L. was exposed to a variety of music at a young age. Dad’s bluegrass, Mom’s gospel singing and Big Brother’s rock ‘n’ roll collection provided fertile ground for TBL’s musical zeal. At age, 16, he bought his first base, and started learning how to play it. After graduating from high school, TBL formed a ‘Chili Peppers’ tribute band with some friends, and called it - Mother Load. The band was ‘fun’, but job prospects took him to Denver, CO, and that was that. A year later he returned, and, in 1995, joined the Altar Boys, and along with it, the punk rebellion. Rebellion grew old, and diversity was calling, so the band split up in ‘97. In ‘98 TBL found what he was looking for and, with OBC members Slate and Dr. X, founded the band Pleasant Street. In ‘99 TBL found himself fronting the RAMI nominated funk outfit, The Outer Proportions. This is where he honed his vocal skills, but bass was his true love. After a brief stint with the Acoustic Millennium Band in ‘01, TBL hooked up wth Slate, Dr. X, and Austin, to form, Obie Call. A soulful and energetic performer, TBL puts his all into playing the music he loves.

Austin Guzzardo aka giacalone has been playing his guitar ever since he was a young scrap of 15 years. He provides rhythym guitar,theremin,and vocals for Obiecall.Austin has played in several no name, small time,tiny fanbase bands ever since he started playing. Bands like the JMFC cult, ginch and metotame, ditch monkey and dist. 100. Austin has never won any awards becase before Obiecall, he just made music to torture people. Come to think of it the only award that he has ever won in his life was from participating in a Rodeo, but that has nothing to do with the music scene. Austin is a good rythym guitar player, noteable singer, and awesome cook. He has a tendency to turn is amplification up to 3 wich is way to loud, but he has been trying very hard not to make peoples ears bleed. He has a wide range of influences that span every genere. Bands like earth wind and fire, the ramones,the sex pistols, the clash, toots, sonic youth, blonde redhead,johnny cash, hank williams, unwound, ariel pink, skinny puppy, ministry, nin,journey, built to spill, jawbreaker and jets to brazil. Austin will continue to dazzel audiences with his bright lights performences, his stylish dress, and energetic atmosphere for years to come. You havent seen nothing yet!

Free MP3: P Street (Recorded Live at Mary's)

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