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Jesse Korleski (bass/songwriter and lyricist) is an experienced studio musician in many projects, offers his talents on drums, guitar, electric bass and stand-up bass. Stephanie Castillo (vocalist/lyricist), who keeps this whole thing real, has been studying classical technique for ten years. Her powerful, angelic sounds add a color and a story to the music.

Armed with this unique sound, they started moving toward a new realm from what their prior music experiences consisted of. What started out as a night of boredom, in a matter of months, soon became a hot new groove-alishious sound, which they wanted to contribute to society. After writing a handful of songs, Stephanie and Jesse decided that their little spawn was ready to expand. So they invited a couple of other musicians into the band, to bring the Salvame to life. First, they asked Josh Dissmore, drummer, to lay down a smooth and simple groove. Josh has been in many different projects including playing bass for the local band Unicycle Dragrace. Dissmore brings steady, rock-solid drum lines, which are naturally an asset in keeping a tight sounding groove. Next, the pieces started falling together.

The collective talents of the members of Salvame provide a complexity and uniqueness in the sound they produce. In a world of bubble gum pop, and rock cover music, Salvame is definitely beating their own path of originality.

Band Members:

Jesse Korleski - Bass, Songwriter-Compose
Stephanie Castillo - Vocalist, Songwriter-Lyricist
Josh Dissmore - Drums-Percussion
Scott McKormick - Keyboards-Pianist, Songwriter-Compose

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