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Deuce has its humble beginings on the south side of Chicago in 1999 when some high school and neighborhood friends got together to hang out, get high, and play some good old rock and roll. Since then there have been a few incarnations of the band.

All of the time there has been one man who has stood tall with great expectations to bring a dancable, fun, melodic and very musicial style that can devour any style of music and regurgitate it with the essence of what Chicago is all about. That man is Matthew James Kerr, I - the lead guitar player and one of the vocalists of the group. With his thought pattern always looking to bigger and brighter things with a hard work ethic there is no mountain or valley this leader of a great musical group can't move his creation through -- especially with the amazing talent that he has put together!

It really is a shame that these once proud ambassadors of Chicago's South side have now only one remaining member of the original group, but others move on and others just want to keep on doing what they love to do best which is play music that can touch people's souls and give them entertainment.

The cats that grace this group are all seasoned musicians even though everyone is under twenty four:

The eldest, Peter Vary (drums), is an amazing drummer who can handle any style of western music. He has a very impressive resume being in a band with the ninties rapper Sir Mix Alot.

Mike Hallagan, the wiz kid on the keys, is really one of the best unknown talents in the midwest or America. With a very impressive knowledge of music theory and incredible talent to play the drums, keyboards, bass and guitar, he is one of the best comping musicians which means he makes others that he plays with sound better.

Nate Bellon is another multi musician who has so much soul in him it is hard to believe that he isn't an old African American Blues musician. When this man sings jaws will drop and the audience will feel tingles in thier spine.

Matt Arndet is a great guitar player that has some really hot licks that remind you of Jerry Garcia or Phish's Trey Anastasio. Yet he has his own sound that will keep you thirsty for more.

Matthew James Kerr I is a true musician from Chicago. With a sound entirely his own, his voice and guitar work remind you of the hard streets of the south side of Chicago where he was born and raised. His playing will bring you to a heavenly ecstasy, if you let his soul in yours, for that is what he feels when he plays.

Free MP3: Deuce Upside Yo Head

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